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this land is your land....this land is my land

Imagine this:

You (lose a Congressional race), sell your house in town, find the perfect piece of land up on a mountain, scope out the ultimate location for a cabin (that you're gonna build) and casually watch your idyllic life unfold with only the slightest amount of anxiety...because you're also launching a start-up, raising 2 kids, still need to build the cabin and be out of your rental by Juy 1 (and it's almost June).

Then you realize that sweet spot you chose for your insta-worthy, yet-to-be-built cabin (whose lumber is sitting on the side of a dirt road getting wet) is actually not on your land...

But, nbd. You just call up your best bud (who happens to be your part-time neighbor via DC) and leave him a voicemail saying that it's possible - no, probable - that the site you've just cleared, prepped and built a road to is, ahem, most likely on his property.

You offer some rudimentary thoughts on how to remedy this scenario.

Then, back to chainsawing with a raging fever and jetlag...because mama needs a place to live, stat.

Within minutes the vibration in your back pocket makes you jump and your buddy is like, "Yeah, ok, screw the lawyers, let's just figure it out because we cool...and fuck the system, we're renegade.". He calls back an hour later (after talking to someone slightly more practical than us) and suggests we go ahead with the lawyers after all and figure it out because we're not the only ones involved. As in, what happens two generations from now? Do our kids get stuck with a huge mess because we were like "Kumbaya, mother fuckers."...?

Well, we figured it out and now our boundaries are a little curvier, less orthodox. You know, closer to Nature.

And, according to the $urvey, my neighbors to the south may have, sorta built their cabin on my land...

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