• caitlinscholl

It's abt the tax benefits, folks.

Top 3 things we love about women in politics:

1. solutions-oriented: women are more likely to sit down with the other side to work out a problem;

2. ridiculously smart: let's face it, in order to make it through the door, you have to prove yourself 10 times over;

3. No matter what side of the aisle you sit on, you've been dealing with the #patriarchy and all its trappings (including the neverending questions about when and if you're going to pledge the proverbial "I Dos") since, oh I don't know, forever.

And sometimes, changing one's legal status is.... just not the move.

Here's a snippet of what Kodiak Hill-Davis, stunningly smart and hilarious young Republican, has to say about it on Season 1 of #TheMultiverse: