• kw

in support of cannabis regs

I've taken all kinds of cbd products in the past year; smoked the flower, ate the edibles (my fave is the 1:1 cbd/thc), rubbed it on, dropped it under my tongue, and even sampled the deodorant (great idea btw as it absorbs quicker than most topicals) get the idea. I've been managing pain. And what a pain (in my ass) it's been.

On a recent trip to Colorado - to do none other than sniff around the cannabis industry for this pod - I grabbed a straight cbd tincture from a friend in Vermont. It's labeled "full spectrum - 1000 mg". That's a pretty high concentration & my friend told me the girl making it adds an isolate to the full spectrum oil in order to perk it up...sounded like just the kind of high-test I needed to contend with so much traveling. So, I took a healthy dose and hopped a plane to Denver...but when I got off the plane I was so high I almost couldn't find my luggage & identifying the right shuttle to pick up my rental car was comical...not exactly what I expected from a cbd product. This stuff isn't supposed to get you high.

So, yeah, I'm in favor of cbd regulation...because clearly the stuff I bought had a healthy dose of THC in it. In fact, with all these new, high-tech ways to ingest cannabis products, I'm in favor of across-the-board regulations for labeling and dosage on all the goodies.

I like to know when I'm going to show up somewhere that blazed. Holy smokes...