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[☝️☝️☝️ just a little blast from the past]

One really cool thing about Katie and I is that we really like to keep things casual and low key. We've been friends since around 2004, and have been keeping it super chill ever since.

We're not really the kind of people to loudly draw attention to ourselves in extremely public ways.

Nah, we're way more low-key than that.

For example, when Katie called me up one day and was like, Hey girl, can you help me save my family farm? I was like, Sure thing, babe, I got you no prob. So we planned a big fundraiser that was ruined by Hurricane Irene, and instead ended up with this casual video record of the weekend:

[00:54 for Katie's cameo on a horse]

[☝️☝️☝️ made w/o music licensing plz don't sue me🙏 🙏 🙏]

[PS even though the fundraiser was ruined,

we found a way to save the farm after all, nbd]

Later, when I started a performance art company in NYC, and then performed in some weird ass shows for many years, it was, like, low key as shit. One time Katie even came to NYC and performed with me on the sidewalk in midtown.

[☝️☝️☝️ very normal stuff people]

FF a few good years and it's 2016 and Katie's like, IDK how I feel about how things are going in our country, man, I might run for Congress. And I'm like Damn girl, that's super chill. You do you.

She's like Aight I think I can do it just in a real relaxed and low key way.

And then in 2018 when she's like IDK man, I might start a media company, can you help me with some stuff? I was like, That sounds really relaxing, girl. Let's roll with it.

So we start this project, The Multiverse, which is like totally a chill project. It's only our voices crafting and speaking on every episode, and like sharing our opinions and observations about "America" as we know it, with, idk, the world, I guess.

Like basically not attention-grabbing or anything, just mainly a super casual thing, so like, you can listen to us talking and interviewing people and giving you our opinions super casually, for example when you wanna just chill the f out.

And that, my friends, is the story of 2 low key girls who always bring their A-game to the chill party.