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One word to describe the making of this podcast is: GLAMOUR. As a women-led project, and actually, a mom-led project (both Katie and I have minis), we really exude a certain kind of je ne sais quoi that many creatives lack.

For example, even while buried for days in editing mode and looking at screens like:

I'm feelin sexy like:

This kind of effortless sensuality and glamour is what it's actually like being an #artistmom, a #workingmom, and 8 months #pregnant, all the while feelin' myself.

When they say you can't have it all, they are wrong.

I'm not really one to give advice, but, on this topic I feel I have something to say. Being an artist mom (and being pregnant) is











Perfect example: Here's a snippet of me at the actual height of #creativity and #glamour, reaching new professional highs while really just having it all and not sacrificing anything. Note the timeless 2nd-day-outfit and child accessory I'm rocking while I work out new melodies for an old song on the #teaser #episode of The Multiverse pod (which is about to drop on your sound space btw, so WATCH OUT!). As a working mom, it's really important to effortlessly separate your kids from your work, which is what I'm maybe the best at. I feel the need to really get into a flow state and work in an uninterrupted manner, which is easy when you have a toddler. I think this recording came out really pro... don't even need a do-over because I totally #nailedit.

feat. #scarlettalmage on the keys, with overlaying vox/lyrics to "Cuddles Where Are You" (00:48-end)